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Exel XLS

Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet. The introduction of this format was intended to unify The introduction of this format was meant to unify workflow between different software environments from different vendors and developers. Files in xlsx format format can be opened by many software products such as Microsoft Works, Corel WordPerfect Office, Panergy docXConverter, OxygenOffice Professional, OpenOffice, PlanMaker Viewer, Gnumeric, Ability Spreadsheet, Corel Quattro Pro, and others. Nevertheless, the main program originally designed to work with xlsx files and fully support them xlsx files from the very beginning is Microsoft Excel.


Localizify analyzes 4 columns, starting with the first row. Order:

  1. Term (key)
  2. Translation
  3. Context (optional)
  4. Location (optional)

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It is a localization management service for your projects.
We are trying to make the most convenient, fast and cheap system for localization management. If you have any difficulties using the service, please contact support.

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