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XLIFF files for iOS are XCODE-generated files that consist of one or more <file> elements. Each <file> element corresponds to a source file or source (such as a database table). <file> contains the source data to be localized and, after translation, the corresponding localized data for one language standard after the translation.

Localizable data is stored in <trans-unit> elements. The <trans-unit> element element contains a <source> element element to store the source text and the <target> element to store the last translated text. The <target> elements are optional.


Exports cannot be made without the default language being set in the project. The values in the reference language go into the <source> tag, and translations go into the <target> tag.


Apple documentation

To export in the format IOS XLIFF default language must be specified in the project settings, as this format provides for export of both values.


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